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    State of the art Development Facilities

Facts And Figures



  • Travel & Hospitality

    Transform travel experiences with our mobile app development expertise. From intuitive booking platforms to personalized itineraries, we craft solutions that elevate customer engagement in the Travel & Hospitality industry.

  • Real Estate & Property

    Revolutionize property interactions with our mobile apps. From virtual property tours to seamless transactions, our solutions enhance user experience and efficiency in the Real Estate & Property sector.

  • Education & E-learning

    Empower learning in the digital age with our mobile app solutions. From interactive educational tools to user-friendly e-learning platforms, we shape the future of Education & E-learning.

  • Healthcare & Fitness

    Enhance health and wellness with our mobile app innovations. From patient management systems to fitness tracking apps, we contribute to improved healthcare and fitness experiences.

  • Food & Restaurant

    Deliver exceptional dining experiences through our mobile apps. From online ordering to loyalty programs, we cater to the unique needs of the Food & Restaurant industry, fostering customer loyalty.

  • Social Networking

    Connect people seamlessly with our social networking app solutions. From interactive platforms to personalized content, we create engaging experiences in the realm of Social Networking.

  • Ecommerce, Retail & B2B

    Drive digital commerce forward with our mobile app solutions. From intuitive e-commerce platforms to B2B networking apps, we empower businesses to thrive in the Ecommerce, Retail & B2B sector.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Amplify entertainment experiences with our mobile app innovations. From streaming platforms to interactive content apps, we contribute to the dynamic landscape of Media & Entertainment.




What People Say About Us

Great Experience clapping-hands

We made the right choice by selecting Limegreensapps for our desktop application development. Their expertise and attention to detail resulted in a robust application that streamlined our processes. Limegreensapps is our go-to for desktop app development.

Sarah J.
CTO of HonorHarbor
Professional Team clapping-hands

Limegreensapps understood our industry requirements and built a tailored desktop application that has transformed our operations. Their professionalism and technical expertise impressed us throughout the process. Limegreensapps is the top choice for desktop app development.

David T.
IT Manager at VouchView
Delivery On Time clapping-hands

Limegreensapps delivered an exceptional desktop application that revolutionized our data management. Their skilled team provided excellent support and post-development assistance. Choose Limegreensapps for outstanding desktop application development.

Emily W.
Operations Manager at TestiForge
Great Experience clapping-hands

Our business operations improved significantly with Limegreensapps' cutting-edge desktop application. Their deep industry understanding and talent turned our vision into reality. For reliable and talented desktop app development, trust Limegreensapps.

Michael S.
Founder of RaveReveal
Professional Team clapping-hands

Limegreensapps exceeded my expectations with their desktop application development services. Their professional team delivered a user-friendly application that perfectly met our business needs. I highly recommend Limegreensapps for top-notch desktop application development.

John S.
CEO of PraiseSphere