The modern way of cooking.


Project Overview

MadeEasy is a modern solution for your kitchen adventures. The client wanted a place where like-minded cooking enthusiasts can come together and share their passion for cooking. We researched consumer psychology as our first step towards developing an app up to our client’s requirements. What would make the kitchen experience easier and more? The layout and navigation were enhanced to give as much hand-free experience in the kitchen as possible, so it doesn’t hinder the cooking experience of the user.

Cooking time MadeEasy for you

The app serves as a recipe book for users who like to keep their mealtimes fun and creative. With MadeEasy, they can easily explore and search for new recipes while following their favorite chefs and users. It serves both as a social and an informative platform for the users. With its modern features of saving your favorite recipes, rating or sharing them and so much more, you can keep up with all the latest and traditional recipes.

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Technologies We Used

Limegreen App's team houses some of the most skilled developers in the industry with expertise in not only the basics of app design but also the finest UI and UX. Whether its Java, PHP, Laravel or simply HTML, our team is adept in all nooks and crevises of programming. Hence, making Limegreen Apps your first call for a custom application solution.

  • swift


  • objective


  • touch

    Touch ID

  • java


  • android-nougat

    Android Nougat

  • android-view-animations

    Android View Animations

  • angular-js

    Angular JS

  • html5


Thousands of recipes, at your fingertips!

The application houses some industry-leading features like:

  • Easier navigation
  • Profile Generation & Database
  • Featured recipes
  • Push notifications
  • Search and filter feature
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Satisfied Client

The work has been more than satisfactory. Our business was very much dependent on the app and I am glad, I chose Limegreen for the purpose. They are still on board and help keep the app maintained and updated.

Daniel Ferguson

Rated 4.9 / 5.0 by 12 clients

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