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Imperial Ride

Imperial Ride is one of the Best Executive Luxury Chauffeur driven car service in London for Airport Transfers, Business chauffeur, Wedding chauffeur, Events Chauffeur, Cruise Port Chauffeur available.

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LaundrEZ is a quick one tap convenient, secure and inexpensive solution to all your dirty laundry needs.

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2 Clicks Partner & Client

2clicks is a smart phone app which connects the person in need of computer repair to a reliable & qualified technician who will visit you on site, anywhere in Toronto.

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Chatical is a fun way to interact and communicate with people around the world. If you like to meet new people and chat with random strangers online, then Chatical is what you’re looking for.

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Krispy Chicken

Krispy Chicken is among one of our successful progressive web app projects. Our client wanted to give the users an app-like experience on their desktop screens for a wider.

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MadeEasy is a modern solution for your kitchen adventures. The client wanted a place where like-minded cooking enthusiasts can come together and share their passion for cooking. We researched consumer psychology as our first step towards developing an app up to our client’s requirements.

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Quick Date

QuickDate is a mobile dating app built to maximize the social experience of the users. It is a cross-platform, network compatible app that gives users the advantage of socializing through different devices and even when they’re offline or on low-network.

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Xcoin Xchange

Xcoin Xchange is a modern way of managing business finances with the flexibility to adapt to the evolving economy and consumer market. The mobile app is developed by our industry-tuned developers with high-end MBAAS (mobile backend as a service) solution

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